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Believe in Your Self! 

Self-doubt allows winners to become losers, and losers to become jealous haters who will then desperately look for any pathetic excuse to cut down successful people in hopes that they’ll somehow temporarily feel better about their own failures because they’re ignorant enough to actually think that living by comparison is where happiness comes from. Ironically, they fool themselves into thinking that their acts of hatred magically equal temporary “happiness” from sabotaging others. Eventually (as usual), their misery comes back full force, the cycle continues, and it’s onto the next round of hatred. If only they were intelligent enough to realize that if they focused all that exhaustive time and effort into strengthening themselves (and especially those around them) instead of weakening others, that they’d actually end up being the very person they’re so jealous of… Funny how that works, right?

Negative thoughts = Negative Outcome

Instead of haters blaming others for the cause of their own negative based self-fulfilling prophecy, we should influence them to do the opposite for opposite results. Help yourself by helping others help themselves. Create a new cycle.