From the studio to the stage; Los Angeles band ZupaNova is a #ZupedUp all-encompassing explosion of music, fashion, and culture. This multilateral fusion originally unified in 2012 with “ZupaStarz” Rawcel (Songwriter for The Black Eyed Peas, etc…), and Davy Brown (Multi-Genre Producer/Recording Artist/Multi-Instrumentalist).



Born and raised in Los Angeles, California Roycel a.k.a Rawcel was heavily influenced and involved in the music scene in his teenage years. Working with local producers and performing local High Schools and clubs in LA County as a singer/rapper duo along with Dante Santiago. Rawcel and Dante would soon get recognized and recruited by InterScope Records recording artist The Black Eyed Peas in 1993.  Apl-D-Ap, Rawcel, Dante, Will I Am and Taboo would form a crew called “Broshigeez” that consisted of singers, rappers, dancers, writers, dj’s and producers from the LA hip hop scene. Opening the door for Rawcel to work with the likes of the Black Eyed Peas and others in the entertainment industry such as Ray J, Randy Jackson, American Idol Finalists, David Foster, Macy Gray, Lala Hathaway, Bell Biv Devoe, Aaron Neville, Tamia, Sevyn Streeter, Pau Gasol, Tiana Xiao and more.

Rawcel has always been inspired to work with talents from different genres and markets from the U.S. and abroad creatively developing projects and collaborating with talented artists of all backgrounds.With new ideas, inspiration and opportunities ahead for the future, Rawcel has united with other members in the circle Kimala, and Davy Brown to launch LA’s new #EDMHipHopRebels band called ZupaNova.

ZupaNova is getting heard throughout the dj pools and making waves performing across Southern California. While Keen to the creative process with vision, development and drive ZupaNova has developed a unique all genre, LA melting pot sound. Adding their touch for other artist on Listen Deep, Will.I.Am Music Group and more.

Davy Brown:

Born and raised in Southern California, Davy Brown is a multi-genre music producer, recording artist, songwriter, composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, graphic designer, film editor, and music educator. He plays drums, percussion, bass, piano, guitar, and is a classically trained pianist. Initially a drummer and vocalist (most of which taught by his father, a professional multi-instrumentalist himself), Davy began playing piano and composing at age 5. Soon after, he began private lessons until the age of 14. While studying piano, he also took up playing bass, guitar, and other miscellaneous brass and wind instruments.

Davy grew up in a house of musicians. His father, a world class latin jazz musician and vocalist, played drums, congas, timbales, auxiliary percussion, harmonica, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, bass, guitar, and piano, just to name a few. He also grew up with his older brother, publicly known as “Triple Tree”, also a multi-instrumentalist, open format DJ, producer, recording artist, and political scientist. The house was well known within the community as being the “jam house”, where musicians all throughout Southern California would come together and play music. Davy used this opportunity to quickly grow as a musician at a very early age by learning how to play with many professional adult musicians of all styles, as him and his older brother were generally the only kids participating. From this experience, grew the inspiration to not only start and join bands of his own, but also the motivation to learn how to record the music he was playing. Enter, the studio years.

It wasn’t long before Davy not only began recording and producing original music of his own, but started working as a session musician at local studios for other artists and producers as well. Through his studio sessions, he eventually met and collaborated with many different people, most notably, ZupaNova. For Davy Brown, joining a group with such significant amounts of raw talent, all coming from different genres, finally gave him a setting where he could take advantage of his versatility and combine a plethora of styles into a hybrid collection of sound. His music with ZupaNova as a band and production team, was eventually heard by top producers, A-list artists, and several well known celebrities in the entertainment industry. This recognition has lead to many other opportunities and has opened the doors for an unlimited future. Thus, the birth and rise of ZupaNova, though originated in the studio, has now hit the stage!